About Maxburg

Founded in 2014, Maxburg Capital Partners is a Munich-based investment manager. With a committed capital of €600m and an unusually long term mandate to invest opportunistically across the full capital structure in private and public companies in the DACH region, we look to enlarge our team as we are adding new companies to our portfolio. Even though some of us already have reached the biblical age of 40, we still consider us a young at heart team with diverse backgrounds and experiences in private equity, banking, consulting and entrepreneurship.

We believe that Maxburg is a unique opportunity for young and experienced professionals to take part in developing a leading investment manager (even though we don’t really know what leading means, but at least we can say we now have done some investments). We are very passionate about our still small company, which we don’t see as your typical financial firm. We usually dress down and heartily enjoy a cynical laugh with a beer whenever possible. Most of us have children and respect that family time is important. We try to be open in our communication and want to encourage all team members to speak their minds freely. Whilst we appreciate employees being diligent and considerate, we prefer to hear an offbeat thought rather than running the risk of missing out on something.

We know that our website does not win a beauty competition, but it has not prevented us from creating long-lasting partnerships with entrepreneurs, management teams and intermediaries.

We appreciate openness and honesty and thus, whilst we believe a job at Maxburg is a superb opportunity for personal development, learning and fun, there are a couple of risks that you should be aware of before sending over your CV:

  1. We are a small company with a small team (and even if we are hiring now, we will continue to be a small team for quite some time). Thus, you need to fit in. If you don’t get along with us, there is no possibility to give you another job in some other role in our firm. 
  2. Also, you will mostly work with the same people. Therefore, don’t expect to see a new face every week, as might be the case in larger organizations.
  3. We are a project business. We sometimes have limited time to train and educate our team and you are hence expected to train yourself (for which we will provide ample opportunities). Sometime, even we have to work long hours. 
  4. We might not be the best at what we do, there might be smarter and more decorated people out there in our industry. If you like big names and brands, Maxburg is not for you. 
  5. We often look at what some might consider rather boring businesses – it is unlikely that you can impress somebody at a dinner party with tales of what we do.

Characteristics we are looking for

While you can find a more standard list of criteria, we look for below, we wanted to stress that we believe a certain set of characteristics are key to being happy and successful in our organization (and we want you to be happy and successful at Maxburg!). If you think the points resonate with you, please apply, even if the more technical candidate criteria further down below might not fully correspond to your CV. We are looking for:

  1. Curiosity. You like to read, you like to meet people, you like to ask questions. Once you get answers, you have more questions. Our task concentrates mostly on understanding and evaluating business models; however, our interests address various fields of life, ranging from yogurt lids to non-woven textiles and from software and IT services to jewelry and cosmetics (but unfortunately only rarely include something really fancy).
  2. Skepticism. You naturally sense check what people tell you. You see the glass half empty. Still, you can convince yourself that ideas and concepts can survive your critical assessments. After all, we need to invest into something that we find attractive from a risk-return relationship. Nothing is perfect.
  3. Desire to win. However, you respect the rules of the game. Winning for you is preferably more enjoyable in a collective effort. If you enjoy board, computer or card games and understand when the best option is “do nothing”, we think that there is a good chance that you have a mindset that helps you to help us at what we do.
  4. Ability to zoom in and zoom out. While looking at the big picture, you understand that the devil is in the detail. You like dissecting information and dwelling on details but manage to integrate them into the greater scheme of things.
  5. Strong ethics. You put the long-term interest of our investors first. That really means first, as in ahead of your own personal interests. Thanks to them we have a business. If we keep them happy, we will continue to have a business. 
  6. Team dedication. We will appreciate and reward team effort over personal contribution. In that sense, you like to help others and you can cheer for the team even if you happen to sit on the bench. There is no need to use the first-person singular too often at Maxburg. Also, there is no need to “be on a deal”, have done a deal, or be associated with a deal. 
  7. Frustration tolerance. Most of the things we try will not work. Actually, almost all of them. Still you can appreciate the learning experience, lift yourself up and be motivated to try all over again. Embrace uncertainty: stay open and mentally flexible as we often need to change course as additional information becomes available. 
  8. Analytical skills applied with people. To succeed you need to be as good with numbers as with people. Irrespective of your age and experience, you will find yourself in the front row from day one on. You will be asked to contribute and speak up: so, know your arguments, back them up with data and communicate them in an empathic way so that people from outside of the financial community can understand you. 
  9. Demonstrated interest in investing. This is what we do, and we really, really like it – we hope you do as well.